What is Schmancy Life?

This is the home of all things glam, luxe, and most of all, fancy. You know that woman who is always overdressed for every occasion? The gal who has champagne taste on a Diet Coke budget? The chick who‘s extra AF? This is me, and if you are here, it’s probably you too. We can’t help it. We’ve always been drawn to everything that it is fancy… and not just fancy, but fancy schmancy. And voila! Schmancy Life was born.

I started Schmancy Life as a way talk about all the things I love: beauty, fashion, home décor, food, pop culture, and motivation. Sharing what I find, what I learn, and what I know.

What does it mean to have a Schmancy life?

It means living life on your own fabulous terms. It means knowing exactly who you are and living life as confidently and fearlessly as possible. It’s about having great taste. It’s surrounding yourself with beautiful, glamorous things (that you found at Target prices.) Learning all the real deal beauty tips/techniques, and finding products that actually work. Keeping up with the trends but knowing that the classics are always chic. Fueling and treating your amazing bod with a mix of healthy and indulgent recipes.

Checking out what’s up in the entertainment world and what’s worth your valuable binge-watching time. And especially for my Schmancy ladies on wheels, a section devoted to disability issues.

Get glam. Get fun. Get Schmancy.

Schmancy Stuff