Rosé All Day


Rosé All Day Party!

Want to throw a fabulous party (birthday, bachelorette, beautiful summer day)? Have your wine and drink it too with a rosé all day bash!

I recently used this as the theme for my own birthday party to smashing success. I scoured craft stores (like Michael's), dollar stores, and party stores to find the cutest, pinkest decor I could, using gold as an accent color.

I created fun signs with inexpensive frames and pink cardstock to help set the festive mood. If you have wine and champagne glasses for a crowd, now is the time to bring them out, but plastic also works and may be more suitable for your more, shall we say, "spirited" friends! I couldn't find a pink tablecloth in exactly the right hue so I bought an inexpensive sheet set and used the top sheet as a tablecloth. Artificial flowers came from the dollar store and the tableware came from the local party store. The paper decor came from the craft store. Most important, of course, is the vino! Since it was summer and rosé is au courant, the selection was quite good inexpensive at my local liquor store. I saved three bottles for drinking, made a fruity sangria from one, and frosé from another. I also picked up a pink gin, and a pink vodka for non-wine aficionados. You want to provide your non-drinking guests with some festive libations as well, so I did pink lemonade and a variety of pink soft drinks. For appetizers, I served mixed root vegetable chips and beet hummus with pita chips which add wonderful color to the theme. We also served the usual salsa and tortilla chips, which are de rigueur and any party these days. At dinner we got catering trays of pasta, meatballs and chicken cutlets. (I was NOT cooking at my own birthday party!) For dessert my local bakery made a divine chocolate cake with mocha filling and blush pink French buttercream frosting.


This is the selection of wine and spirits I used. One must always have a little bubbly (especially on a birthday) so make sure at least one of the rosés is sparkling.

Words to live by

This is the cardstock in various shades of pink that I used to make my framed signs. I thought up 3 phrases printed them on the cardstock using my home computer/printer and then framed them in gold frames from the dollar store.

Life is sweet

This cake was scrumptious and beautiful, with a gumpaste flower accenting the blush frosting and gold edible accents. It was easy finding gold and pink candles to match!

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